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Christian Education

Worship Schedule

As Christians, we worship joyfully and give all praise and honor, glory and power to the triune God. In worship, we, the people of God
acknowledge that God is present in the world and in our lives. As we respond to God's claim and redemptive
action in Jesus Christ, we are transformed and renewed. In worship we offer ourselves
to God and are equipped for God's service in the world.

September thru May

Sunday School 8:45 - 9:45

Sunday Worship 10 - 11



Summer Worship 9AM

June 7thru

September 6,

Except our picnic on July 5 at Ron & Linda Chalus' farm


Worship is not a passive activity, but an event in which we are actively engaged. We do not sit and listen!
We actively worship by confessing our sins, greeting one another in Christian love, singing, playing instruments,
hearing and receiving God's Word, and responding to God's redemptive and recreating power.
Worship is for the old and young alike! All are welcome

to worship with us.

We enjoy combining trombones, flute, and violin

with piano and organ during worship service.


Our tone chimes group has performed during special events.

Below is a photo of one of their performances.

Below right is our choir with two trombones during our Boy Scout Sunday worship service.


Photos from our July 6, 2014 worship and Independence Day Picnic at Ron & Linda Chalus' farm. 



The start of our worship service upstairs in the barn.




The crowd milling around admiring all the work that had been done to open up the lower level.




This is where the pork loins were smoked.  Looks like Kim is doing quality control!



A little horse ride; this is not a pony.



How's this for eating at the bar?



The congregation was able to spread out



More indoor dining




And outdoor dining



A great view of the Chalus homestead



Ministers discussing what's not on tap.  These tap handles are decoys.

Artfully arranged Presbyterian chickens. The seem to know they are being photographed and want their best side to the camera. (except for that one on top)

Many thanks to Linda and Ron.  Hopefully they will allow us back again.



Christmas Program Photos